About Us

Simply Herbs was established at the end of 1999 by Bernard and Mary Farmery and has been trading for seventeen years. It is a family business started in the classic small business tradition making creams on the kitchen table. The first one was used by a work colleague of Bernards. It cured his rash but turned his shirt green! Some re-thinking was required! So after further work and study, we launched Simply Herbs, selling our products through farmers' markets and mail order. Bernard studied herbal medicine and his tutor, a Qualified Medical Herbalist, is now our consultant. Please contact us for her details.  Sadly Bernard died in November 2009, but Mary is continuing with the business which she loves.

We moved from the kitchen table to the garage and when we outgrew that, we looked around for bigger premises. In our village, which is in the Cambridgeshire farming countryside, were two farms. We approached them and for several years we worked from a building which used to be the pigsty - a very strange coincidence, as the medieval name for a pig farm was a "farmerie" (our surname). The pigs are long gone, but it made a great workshop, built from traditional Cambridgeshire white bricks.


We still make everything by hand but in January 2015 we made the decision to move to Bourne in Lincolnshire so as to be a little nearer "civilisation".  The photographs show you the farm buildings and some of the herbs growing on a piece of land across the farmyard. Our workshop was in what used to be the old pigsty and behind it are the grain store and the barns where the farm cattle spend their winters.


We use no chemicals on the herbs when they are growing and none are used in the processing of the herbs either. When we dry herbs, they are dried naturally using the rays of the sun and when we make our creams and balms using a beeswax base, this acts as a natural preservative, so we do not need to add chemicals here either.

On this website you can read briefly about our products and about us and order online. View Simply Herbs full range of products. We hope also that you will still come and meet us at one of our many farmers’ markets in the East of England area and these are all listed on the Where to Find Us page.

Simply Herbs has received lots of good feedback over that time. You can read some of this on the Testimonials page. We hope to be able to add you to our ever growing list of happy customers.

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