Q Why don’t these preparations have a strong scent?
A. All of our preparations contain the perfume of the natural herb and its oils. We do not add any artificial perfumes.

Q. Do Simply Herbs® preparations contain any colouring?
A. No there is no added colour in our own Herbal Preparations. What you see is the natural colour of the herb and its bases.

Q The Creams appear greasy.
A. All of our preparations contain only natural bases. They may appear to be greasy at first. This is normal, and is because we do not add any water, or dilute them in any way. Please remember not to apply too much as they are very concentrated.

Q. Are they tested on animals?

Q. Are they safety tested?
A. Yes all of our unique preparations have been tested by an independent laboratory to cosmetic standards. 
Q. Are they long lasting?
A. Yes, because you do not need to apply much at one time. They should last a long time (depending on how much and how often you apply).

Q. Do you make medical claims?
A. No, we do not make any medical claims; however, many customers have written and told us about their success with our preparations. These testimonials are available for you to read throughout our catalogue, at our farmers’ market venues and on our website.

Q. Can you recommend anyone who can give impartial medical advice?
A. Yes, our consultant Jane Clark BSc MNIMH (Medical Herbalist) will be pleased to advise you. Simply ring and make an appointment for a consultation on 01480 454336 or 07958 757076. (A consultation fee will be payable.) Please note she is unable to discuss your concerns over the phone.

Q. Do you offer a Mail Order Service?
A. Yes….all of our preparations are available by mail order - either online through the website or by completing the order form which you can download from the website and post to us with a cheque. We charge only £3.75 p+p for orders up to and including £50.00 to UK Mainland addresses. Naturally p+p is free for orders over £50.00.

Q. Do you welcome trade enquiries?
A. Yes we will send a complete trade catalogue to bona fide businesses.
Q. Do you offer larger than normal sizes?
A. Yes. Our specials department will make your requested preparation in 300 gram pots for the creams, and 150ml, 500ml or 1 litre containers for the oils and liquid preparations. Please ring 01778 395326 or e-mail handmade@simplyherbs.co.uk with your requirements. These are not stock items; each order will be made individually for you.



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