Chickweed Cream


“Just a quick message to say thanks for recommending your Chickweed Cream for Psoriasis.  I’ve been using it for 4 months now and my knees have never been better; In fact my husband is overjoyed as I can now get on my hands and knees and clean my own kitchen cupboards out instead of asking him to do it for me.  I would recommend anyone to give it a go.”  Mrs WK

“I use the Chickweed Cream only once per day now, each evening before I go to bed. It is unbelievable. My hand has never been better in the last 40 years. The skin is much stronger. Where it used to be discoloured it is now normal, and there is hardly any itching any more.”
“All together I have used the cream on a daily basis for approximately 14 weeks without any form of side effects. This is one of the good things that pleases me so much about this product. It surprises me that regardless of how long it is used, and how often you use it, it really works and has no side effects.”  Asborg T of Norway [interview with the Norwegian Psoriasis Association magazine]

“My daughter gave me Chickweed Cream – the first cream that has helped me in 30 years for my Psoriasis.” Mrs Rose, Yorkshire


“My daughter is 13 months ... I tried every emollient and Eczema cream available and nothing made a difference.  I cannot explain how good this cream is, the first night I used it my daughter slept straight through .. she stopped scratching and within 24 hours the redness had gone and the skin was starting to heal.”  Claire S

“The GP was very little help, nothing seemed to work but now my son is back to his old happy self, sleeping all night again – and no itching – and after only 3 days.  It is really working wonders on my 2½ yr old’s skin.”  Carrie

“.. my daughter’s Eczema which never really clears up these days and at times is very bad despite various other creams of varying strengths on prescription.  ... it’s been amazing to see her skin start to clear and renew itself.”  Rebecca C

“Thank you for your friendly service and the wonderful Chickweed Cream.  A ‘must’ for all Eczema sufferers.” LS of Ely

“I have had Eczema for 30 years and chickweed is the only thing that worked.  My elbows and feet adore you.”

“has worked wonders on my daughters Eczema” Diane T of Birmingham

“My mother purchased some of your Chickweed Cream on my behalf at the Ely farmers’ market recently and I have to say it was amazing”.  Amanda, Ely

Rosemary Massage Cream

Joint Pain

 “... my order for the Rosemary Cream which I find using night and morning on my knees most beneficial”  Mrs LP of Stevenage

“I have been using your Rosemary Cream for six months on my ‘crippled’ knees.  I’m now back to walking the dog each day.”  AW of Towcester

“For more than 3 years now I had great difficulty in using my right hand and I had to give up knitting and cross stitch as it was so painful.  Now thanks to your cream I can use it again and last week I couldn’t believe the pain had gone, so now I’m trying it on my knee which really stops me from walking very far.”  Margaret H of Comberton


“... have found it to be excellent in the relief of Arthritic pain”  AL of Hoddesdon

Poor Circulation

“... my husband is finding it very helpful”  Gertrude B

Comfrey Cream

Ulcerated skin

“Many thanks.  Foot ulcer much improved, almost healed up.  Nice to know that this is better for ulcer than antibiotics.”  SH of Leicestershire

Dry Skin, Dermatitis

Mrs H of Herts.  wrote to us to order some more creams. On her order form she wrote: “Your Comfrey Cream is a wonder worker - it is known in our family as the Miracle Cream“

Elder Leaf Liniment

Joint Pain

“It is the best so far and also has a long lasting and almost immediate effect…How is this so?….I always thought that Oils that included Ginger, Black Pepper etc.…had this result…but this is fabulous”. Tina

“... my father in law injured his shoulder, after massaging it, he woke from sleep and his shoulder was pain free.”  JB of St Albans

Calendula Cream


“I have very sensitive skin and am very prone to Eczema and Dermatitis, but with this cream I have had no reaction at all and my skin has improved.” KT of Leicester

Dry Skin

“Many thanks for your quick delivery on my order of Calendula Cream. It’s really nice.  I’m prone to very dry skin and Dermatitis and this cream works wonders.”  KT of Leicestershire

Herbal Lip Balm

Herpes simplex

“When I feel the tingling cold sore coming on, I use your lip salve... and it does not appear.” JK of York

Herbal Foot Balm

Athlete’s Foot

“I did not use the jar I had bought for months but then decided I must use it and I can’t tell you how wonderful if has been up to now.” Doreen, Loughborough

Fungal Toe Nail

“I bought the Herbal Foot Balm and the toenail is nearly back to normal now.  All my toenails are in better condition, not so brittle.”  Diana H, Sleaford

“My husband was suffering from a fungus under one of his toe nails .. which had spread to the entire length of his nail and almost the whole width.  All attempts to eradicate this by conventional medicine failed and his chiropodist said he would have to live with it.  Your Foot Balm worked a miracle!  After a few weeks of use the nail grew back without the fungus.  Eventually the whole nail was free of fungus.”  Mrs SJ

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